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  Whitehouse Audio Visual - 16mm Sales and Service
  Specializing in 16mm motion picture film equipment sales and service with a tradition of providing quality service spanning over 20 years, we are experts in the repair of 16mm Angenieux zoom lenses and the sole source for factory authorized service and parts for the Cinema Products CP-16 and CP-16R range of cameras. 
  New Products

We proudly announce that we now offer custom PL mounted Angenieux 17.5 - 70mm Super 16mm  lenses. These Super 16mm lenses, originally designed for Cine use, are now repurposed for use with PL mounted Single-chip Digital Video cameras. Additionally, we are an authorized dealer for Optar Illumina Lenses.

  Super 16mm PL Mount Compact Zoom Lens
Custom PL mounted Angenieux 17.5-70mm lens covers super 16mm throughout the zoom range. Front and rear caps, Series 7 filter adapter, and zoom stick are included with this super 16 lens for your PL mount camera.This lens is compatible with single chipped PL mounted digital cameras ie. Red Camera and SI-2K.
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