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  Angenieux 5.9mm T2 Lens  
With choice of Aaton, Arri Bayonet, Arri Standard, "C" mount, Cinema Products, and Éclair (Cameflex) mounts.  Excellent condition. $1,750  
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    Angenieux 12-120mm T2.3 zoom lens  
This Angenieux 10x12 zoom lens has the updated glass, but the lens coatings are still the more durable mag/flouride type. Excellent condition $1,750
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    Zeiss 8mm T2.2 Lens  
 In stainless steel Arri Standard mount. Mint condition...
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    Angenieux 15-150mm T3.1 Zoom lens  
Available in custom stainless steel CP16R Mount, or as shown with Arriflex Bayonet Mount with exclusive submount system that allows.....
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