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Tech Tips
  Tip #1  
What is the charging time for an NC-4 battery?  The charging time for a CP16 NC-4 battery is 14-16 hours when using one of the Cinema Products type of battery chargers.

  Tip #2  
To clean a lens, first blow all the dirt off with clean air of some type.  For a cleaner, we use Edmund Professional lens cleaning fluid.  Be sure to put the fluid directly onto a quality lens cleaning tissue, never squirt it onto the glass.  Clean from the center to the outer side with very light pressure.

  Tip #3  
If your Cinema Products belt has fallen apart in your camera, do not use canned air to blow it out.  This could cause little pieces of it to end up in the front mechanism. Brush, pick, tip the pieces out, all the time being careful not to let the pieces move towards the front of the camera.

  Tip #4  
Never ship a Cinema Products camera in a blue location case.  These cases were made for hand carrying the camera and allowing it to be pulled out quickly for a shoot, then replaced quickly.  Never ship in these cases, especially with the lens on the camera.  Never, ever, ship with the lens on the camera.
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